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Gearmaster Excel Spreadsheet

So many gears, so little time & money. Gearmaster is an Excel Spreadsheet that gives gearing visiblity the most popular drive systems on trikes. You don't need to be a "gearhead" to understand Gearmaster. You do need Microsoft Excel to open it. No macros, just data, formulas and graphs.

To Internal Gear Hub, or not to Internal Gear Hub - that might be the question.

Gearmaster was created to assist the trike rider in finding the best gearing solution. It contains multiple tabs each dedicated to a different drive.

  • Derailleurs
  • SRAM Dualdrive DD3
  • Nuvinci N360
  • Rohloff 14 Speed Transmission
  • Shimano Alfine 11 Transmission
  • Shimano Nexus 8 Transmission

Default derailleur sprockets listed are the same as found on any 2011 & later Catrike.

Internal Gear Hubs (IGH) often have factory specifications on how low you can go on an upright Diamond Frame bike. In some cases the IGH systems were spec'd to handle Hercules riding an E-Bike up Mt Vesuvius. You might not be Hercules, probably don't have electric assist, aren't likley to be riding up Mt Vesuvius, and if you're here reading this, its probably safe to add "riding an upright" to the list of things you're not doing.

We've added a way to calculate how low you can set the ratio and still have an IGH intact when you do climb Mt Vesuvius.

You'll need to know a few things:

Tire size - Diameter and Width, in inches. Gearmaster has a List Box that limits the sizes you put in, get close and you'll be pretty close.

Crank Length - helps to determine just how much leverage your legs will be driving the crank with.

Front Chainring sizes - small middle, large. This will set the ranges of speeds and orque thats applied to the rear hub.

Rear Sprocket size (only needed for IGH).

Weight - you're weight, don't worry about the trike. This is used to come up with approximating how much force you'll use in pedalling, which in turn helps size the lowest gearing range.

Cadence - how fast do you pedal? If you don't know, just use 90 RPM, thats the most common number.

How far do you ride? If you ride 10 miles a day and 50 miles on a weekend, just use 50 miles, its just to determine your strength factor.

How fast do ride as an average? Again a strength factor.

Gearmaster also shows gear ratios for all gears along with a graph that shows overlaps at speeds.

Also Gearmaster has weight details of each IGH component along with typical weights of derailleur components.

Added Bonus: Strength of Materials for those who have a basic understanding of structural physics.

Download Gearmaster.xls